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Improve your safety scores with certainitypredictablystarting today

Coverfleet guides smart safety decisions that have the highest impact to CSA scores and the bottom line.

Most reputable and best-priced insurance programs require good safety scores to even qualify. We help trucking companies achieve better CSA scores and stop losing more than 15-50% in insurance costs within the first year.

On average our client..

Program Benefits

Lower Insurance Premiums

Better Paying Freight

Passed Roadside Inspections

We use data behind every decision.

Our machine learning and artificial intelligence software predict which outcomes yield the highest impact on CSA scores. We eliminate the guesswork of the decisions needed to achieve excellent scores.

About Us

Coverfleet was founded in 2020 with a mission to help motor carriers reduce insurance premiums and risks associated with high CSA scores. We focus on innovative technology research and safety programs to enhance road safety and regulatory compliance within the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry. The company leverages advanced telematics and predictive analytics to develop comprehensive solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by commercial fleets and enforcement agencies.

SafePull is Coverfleet’s flagship product, designed to revolutionize CMV inspections and compliance management. It integrates real-time telematics data, sensors, law enforcement systems, IoT devices, and advanced analytics to provide proactive safety and compliance monitoring.

The company's collaborative efforts aim to bridge the gap between motor carriers and law enforcement, fostering a safer and more compliant transportation industry. We are a member of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance which helps improve commercial motor vehicle safety and uniformity throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States. 

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