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Case Study - AIP Logistics

How Coverfleet Helped AIP Logistics stop loosing $25,000 annually in insurance costs.

Tampa, FL

Founded: 2013

Size: 7 Trucks

01 The challenge

Vehicle maintenance CSA score was driving away the best priced insurance programs. The trucks were in good mechanical shape but they were still being put out of service. AIP Logistics also wanted to grow but feared that more violations will follow as the fleet scaled.

02 The outcome

By utilizing our certified inspectors and adopting our framework, AIP improved their vehicle maintenance CSA score by 37% in less than 3 months without having to increase his maintenance budget.

03 Bridging the skill and knowledge gap for vehicle inspections.

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions in roadside inspections are the requirements for passing a CVSA level 1 inspection. A level 1 inspection includes 37 steps, 23 of which are vehicle related. Most mechanics do not know how to perform a proper break check nor know the 23 steps required to complete an inspection. The devil is in the details. By bringing knowledge and experience to the table, we can bridge the gap.

ISS Score decreased 67 -> 45

CSA score decreased 10.33 -> 6.60

Annual renewal savings $25,000

The reality is that most commercial mechanics that conduct DOT annual inspections either do not know the requirements or do not pay much attention to the other components that can yield to high vehicle maintenance points; exactly the case for AIP. From Day 1, we established a pragmatic inspection cadence and personnel and saw a 3X increase in passed inspections.

CVSA Level 1 Inspection Steps 15-37

Using a qualified vehicle inspector

Our national network of certified inspectors have done thousands of level 1 inspections which is a 37 step inspection procedure developed by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).

Driver screening that yielded better risk avoidance from the start.

We developed a hiring benchmark that screened poor roadside performance. We found that by screening the drivers with poor roadside performance, we effectively avoided risks associated to behavior that most likely be difficult to change.

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