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Safer roads through SafePullcollabrationtargeted inspectionsenhanced visibility

Converfleet helps state agencies reduce crashes and violations through public-private collabration.

SafePull Introduction

SafePull is a first-in-class public-private initiative bridging motor carriers and law enforcement. SafePull adheres to National Roadway Safety Strategy's Safe System Approach. Leveraging advanced technology and fostering collaboration, SafePull ensures predictable inspection schedules, real-time safety data, and targeted enforcement. This innovative approach enhances road safety and strengthens partnerships, making roads safer for everyone.

SafePull Technology

Real-Time Data

Unparalleled visibility into vehicle and driver safety through real-time telematics and IoT data.

Standardized Inspections

Consistent and unbiased roadside inspections to reduce undetected unsafe events.

Enhanced Enforcement

Data analytics for focused high-risk carrier enforcement.

Comprehensive Safety Management

Regular Inspections

Frequent inspections by ex-DOT officers for continuous compliance.

Driver Coaching

Proactive driver training to address unsafe driving and hours of service regulations

Managing Driver Qualifications

Keeping driver qualification files in order for simplified compliance.

SafePull Advantage

Traditional bypass technologies like PrePass often cause friction and misalignment. SafePull resolves the misalignment of traditional systems, ensuring a balanced and effective road safety strategy.

Carrier Benefits

Law Enforcement Benefits

Partnership Opportunities

Collaborate for Greater Impact

Shared Goals

Reduce out-of-service rates and crashes, improving road safety.

Data Sharing:

Benefit from shared data insights to enhance enforcement strategies.

Pilot Programs

Test and refine innovative safety solutions in your jurisdiction.

Join Us in Making Roads Safer

Ready to enhance enforcement capabilities and improve road safety? Let’s discuss how Coverfleet can support your efforts.