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Case Study - Tampa Western Logistics

How Coverfleet Helped Tampa Western Logistics stop loosing $171,000 annually in insurance costs

Tampa, FL

Founded: 2019

Size: 18 Trucks

Annual Savings - 171,000

01 The challenge

Reduce hours of service CSA score quickly so they can regain a valuable shipper contract before sustaining an irreparable loss. Rising insurance costs were also a top concern.

02 The outcome

29% improvement in hours of service CSA scores in under 3 months, helping them save $171,000 in insurance premiums. The shipper contract was also renewed.

03 Growing pains

Tampa Western had the capabilities to 2X their size in less than 6 months but were concerned at their rising scores with little to no control over owner-operator maintenance schedules.

Predicting desired outcomes

We cannot achieve CSA scores unless we know what is required to achieve them. We provided a predictive model of the amount of inspections required to achieve the desired result in the specific timeframe to win back their contract. We went layers deeper and through our machine learning and artificial models, we learned from thousands of data points the best equipment, location, drivers and time that would yielded best results. We then executed and in three short months, achieved the result exactly as predicted.

Aligning rewards with safety outcomes

Rewarding owner-operators with roadside inspection bonuses translated in better inspection performance. Owner-operators really took care of their equipment and followed a more strict maintenance process as a result. This also decreased down time for being placed out of service, which boosted retention for the already high turnover in owner-operator models.

Tracking progress, reassuring stakeholders and measuring success

Tampa Western passed roadside inspections by 3X with an 80% clean inspection percentage after program adoption. What is more important to highlight about this achievement is that now they have a blueprint moving forward so their CSA scores keep improving over time. The result is confident growth without the negative impact on their bottom line.

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